Carly finds joy in everything she does and everyone she meets. She is very sweet and has a wonderful temperament.  Carly is curious and outgoing with the just the right amount of energy. She enjoys going on trips that are full of adventure as much as she likes cuddly afternoons on the sofa watching movies. It is so much fun watching her play with other dogs as she is so happy running around chasing them and being chased – she is always jumping for joy with a big doggie smile on her face.

Carly has gorgeous soft wavy fur that is a deep red in color. When the sun shines on her coat it almost looks like gold. We expect Carly to weight about 25 pounds as an adult. Once Carly passes all of her health testing and genetic testing at about 2 years of age, she will enter our program. We are very excited as we feel that Carly will be a huge asset to our breeding program.