Clear Water Hazelnut Mochaccino at JoaLins is also known as Nole. He is a future stud here at JoaLins.  Nole is a chocolate phantom Australian Labradoodle.  He is a mini in size – we expect that he will get no bigger than 20 pounds at the most as an adult. He is cool, calm and collected and nothing seems to rattle him. According to our trainer, Nole’s temperament is mellow, confident and smart and he is as sweet as can be! Nole will be living at one of our a guardian homes nearby.

Over the next several months Nole will have his hips and elbows x-rayed, have a doggie ophthalmologist check his eyes, and will have several different health related genetic tests done to ensure he carries no inheritable diseases that we can determine. Nole will need to pass all of these tests before we will use him as a stud for JoaLins.

We are excited about the possibilities that Nole brings to JoaLins and we look forward to having future phantom puppies from Nole.