Lucy is a chocolate sable Australian Labradoodle. Her fur is super soft, loose and wavy and has a red tint to it when you look at her in the sun. Lucy is a very small mini; we don’t expect her to be more than 18 pounds as an adult. Words don’t do justice when describing Lucy’s personality and temperament. Walking around town with Lucy is like walking with a celebrity. People can’t help but stop, stare, and take pictures with our little Lucy. Aside from being adorable, her dynamic personality draws people of all ages. She’s clever, social, and a spunky free-spirit – she lives up to her registered name, Spicy Hot Chocolate! Lucy is truly a friend to all, but she is especially loyal to her guardian mom.  Just like with all of our future breeders, over the next several months Lucy will visit our reproductive vet for hip and elbow x-rays and go to a doggie ophthalmologist for an eye exam. She will also be tested for all health related genetic issues prior to being considered a breeder for JoaLins. Lucy’s WALA registration # is 00060333.