Describing Maggie’s personality is like trying to describe a rainbow….big, bold, and beautiful.  She is the center of attention wherever she goes, and cannot let a moment go by that doesn’t include a snuggle, lick, or touch of love.  She is small but mighty, and loves to go on walks with her guardian family or play a game of tug-of-war with her dog-brother.  While she loves to enjoy the fresh air, nothing pleases her more than cuddles on the couch with her guardian-mama.  She is such a joy!

Maggie’s fur is very soft and wavy that is a beautiful caramel color that is so much in demand. Based on the size of her mom and dad, we expect Maggie to weight about 22 pounds as an adult. As with all of our future moms and dads, Maggie will have her hips and elbows x-rayed and those x-rays reviewed by a nationally recognized  independent canine orthopedic radiologist to make sure they are in proper alignment. Maggie will also be examined by a canine ophthalmologist to ensure her eyes are normal and she will have her DNA analyzed and filed in the worldwide database of Australian Labradoodles. In addition, Maggie will have extensive genetic testing done by a national canine laboratory to ensure she does not have any inheritable genetic diseases that could be passed along to her puppies. Once Maggie passes all of her health testing and genetic testing at about 2 years of age, she will enter our program and become a future momma for JoaLins.