Meika is a very unique little lady. She is the most fun loving, happy go lucky girl! Meika weighs just 12 pounds at 1 year old and we doubt she will get much bigger. Her shiny, silky coat is a beautiful shade of caramel with a white chest and chin. She loves her picture being taken and will pose for you at any time. She also loves to watch TV, especially westerns and reacts to all the theme songs by jumping and barking. The other adorable thing she does is sing. When she stops barking at the theme song she actually yodels.

Outside Meika is never still. She loves looking for lizards and squirrels. She is very intelligent and has learned all her tricks from her sisters just by watching them. She is very cuddly and attached to her mom and is never more than 5 inches away from her human mom. Meika loves to play with large squeaky stuffed toys and meets mom at the door with one in her mouth. Meika can be a little thief as she loves to steal socks, underwear and shoes to place in her bed. She loves children, babies and everybody – and they love her right back. Loves to give kisses. She is tiny and delicate and an absolute joy to be with. Loves to go in the car to visit stores, especially pet stores. We love her to pieces. Meika is truly a ray of sunshine!

Once Meika passes all of her health testing and genetic testing, she will become one of JoaLins future mommas. We can’t wait to see her puppies in late 2024!