Theo is the perfect mixture of playfulness and a cuddle bug. He is a friend to everyone and everything he meets. Yes- everything! Every person, animal or critter that happens along his path is expected to be his friend! He loves to run and explore the yard, and take quick dips in the pool; but at the end of the day he is happiest cuddling next to one of his family members (especially his guardian mom!)

If you want to play, just pick up a toy and he’s ready to go!! Want to cuddle? Just give him a quick pet and he is in your lap to enjoy it- he is completely ready for anything!  Wherever he goes, people fall in love. Who wouldn’t with his apricot/red coloring and perfect ombré tail (yep- his hair looks styled! It starts off with the beautiful darker apricot and then flows into white on the tips!) His coat is loose, wavy and so soft.  We expect Theo to top out at around 21 pounds as an adult.