At JoaLins we are dedicated to a quality breeding program that produces happy, well adjusted, well socialized puppies that have fantastic pedigrees.

We are always excited to announce the birth of new multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppies!  Check out the information and pictures below under “Available Puppies.” Future planned litters can be found under “Planned Litters.”

JoaLins accepts deposits for each litter up to the number of puppies seen by our reproductive vet when she does an ultrasound of the pregnant momma, and reserves the right to retain two breeding quality puppies from any of our litters for our breeding program or other breeders’ programs.

It is not uncommon for our reservation lists to fill up quickly, so please take the time to fill out and submit a Puppy Application form and make a deposit to reserve a spot if you are interested in changing your life by adding a current or future JoaLins multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppy to your family!

Puppies are matched with their new family by JoaLins when they are 7 weeks old. We take those 7 weeks to get to know the puppies and match the puppy’s personality and characteristics with the answers you provided on the Puppy Application. Puppies are matched based on several factors, in no priority order.

  • Your preferences as shown on the puppy application you submit.
  • Our intensive assessment and observation of each of the puppies’ personality and characteristics while we are interacting with them on an hour by hour basis for 8 weeks.
  • The results of the temperament testing that will be conducted by a nationally recognized professional dog trainer when the puppies are 7 weeks old.  Temperament testing gives us a glimpse as to their potential temperament as they grow up. A lot will also depend on your home environment, the socialization they receive in weeks 8 -16 after you take your puppy home and other experiences as they grow.
  • The order in which I received your deposit for a puppy in a litter.
  • If you are a previous JoaLins puppy buyer or your puppy will be trained as a service dog.
  • Your “connection” with the puppy when you come to visit around the 7-week mark.
  • The priority list (top 3 choices of puppy) I will ask you to provide me after interacting with the puppies and before you leave from your puppy visit.

I always do my best to make everyone happy - each puppy is unique; however, all are gorgeous, happy, and social little cuddle bugs.

Please remember that the puppy that is perfect for your home in temperament and character may have a different color or marking than what you expected.

Questions? Need more information? Send us an email using either our email address or the form that can be found on the “Contact Us” tab or call (813) 449-3359 during our office hours listed on our “Contact Us” page.  Between caring for the puppies and our adult dogs and our family, we can’t always answer the phone, but please leave a message or let us know by email that you’d like to talk and we’ll get back to you promptly.