After many requests, here at JoaLins we have developed and can offer you an opportunity to leave your puppy with us for additional training in our home for a minimum of 5 additional days up to a maximum of 3 weeks. During this additional training, we will continue the proven Puppy Culture training protocols.

This additional training time is perfect for those families that don’t want to deal with those early puppy stages, those that need additional assistance or families that can’t pick up their puppy on the scheduled day due to other commitments.

During this additional time, the puppy will go through basic obedience, continue with house training and crate training, plus a great degree of socialization both in home and out with adults, cats, other dogs and children.

Please note this does NOT mean the puppy will instantly be a perfectly trained adult dog. It is still a puppy and will require follow through in your home. However, it will provide the basics and an excellent start for those that do not feel they can provide this themselves.

If you are interested, talk to us further to find out how we can customize your puppy’s training before leaving JoaLins!